10 Reasons to Join Renegades

There are many reasons to march Renegades. For me below is a list of my top 10…..

1. You can get a great tan, while being outside for a few hours on the weekend.

2. Every camp something funny happens.

3. You can get a beautiful view of San Francisco, on a clear day from Treasure Island.

4. Everyone is working for the same common goal you are.

5. You can make a lot of new friends.

6. You can re-solidfy old friendships and memories.

7. Run around a field building up cardio endurance.

8. Spin, toss, dance, march, and play yourself into a frenzy.

9. You can march with some talented musicians

10. 2007 is our year. Don’t be the one sitting on the sideline wishing you could’ve, now you should.

**If you play a drum, cymbals, or a contra. We want you** You never know what adventures await at Treasure Island, come join the chaos….