2010 Contrabego Tour

Wednesday 1:52am – the Contrabego has landed.

Tuesday 9:00pm – passed Cleveland & onto Erie, PA

Tuesday 4:20pm – Back on track, driving through South Bend, IN

Tuesday 3:29pm – and we’re lost…

Tuesday 12:34pm – White Castle for lunch, 600 miles to Rochester…

Tuesday 7:56am – Flat #1 fixed, back on the road

Tuesday 6:05am – 920 miles left…

Tuesday 2:30am – 50 miles outside Lincoln, Nebraska…still cruisin’

Monday 2:30pm – Just passed the Continental Divide

Monday 9:00am – the Contrabego is just outside Utah, gas stop #3

Monday 12:03am – cruising through Reno, 511 miles to Salt Lake City, UT

Sunday 9:03pm – gassed up, showered up & stocked up leaving Sac

Sunday 5:28pm – left San Jose headed to Sac