3 Days Left

It is Monday August 28th, and I am sitting at work trying to calculate the stuff that my brain has to do before my behind leaves for DCA. In the past four months, I have been taken back to a place where I love…PERFORMING. I have met some awesome and talented people, who have taught me the meaning of living in the moment. I have also seen people overcome loss and grief so big that I cannot imagine finding the strength to do it. I have seen 20 people in the Guard want to continually be better, and who will stop at nothing until count 7, yes…count 7 is clean. I have learned that Performing never really leaves you. I have learned that perfection is at times a caviot to insanity. I also learned that Lee has a strong funny bone when knocked with a rifle. (Sorry again). I have learned that I am never to old to do what I love. Most of all I have learned that adversity does create strength and resilence among people. Most of all I have learned that I love this activity because of WHAT it does teach you at any age. It has taught me to never give up on myself or others around me. I have learned that despite challenges a small group of people can turn ripples in waves.

As I prepare to leave for my first DCA World Championships…many emotions are running through my head…nervous, excited, scared shitless, and most of all proud to be part of a organization that within the last four months has had to overcome a lot, but in the end we have pulled through and are ready to go show the East Coast what we are about. See you in Rochester