The Incredible Crisis Thank you.


I cannot begin to tell you how great the corps looked and sounded this weekend. The first time the opener was played with the drum line, horns and guard, the staff just looked at one another … stunned. The Renegades are back … and our show [BLEEP] rocks!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped and supported our quest to get a snare line up and running after the “Incredible Snare Line Crisis.” Through a miracle (and barring no more chaos), we now have 7 snare drummers, and are looking for #8. The cool thing is that snare drummers are continuing to come out of the woodwork, and we even just had one from Germany contact us about marching.

Extra special double thanks to Reneguard members Tiffany, Evil Rhonda and Lisa Dryden for single-handedly bringing in two of our new snare drummers, Lisa-Lisa Johnson, Robin Kinoshita and Mike French for pounding on every snare drummer door there was and then some, and Greg Gilman and Chris Nalls for mucho help on all fronts and finding us a new genius drum staff member (Zak Morton). There are about 20 other people who helped out on our greatest emergency Evil PR blitz ever, including a few of our competitors, but THANK YOU to all of you who helped!!!!!!!

The search for new members, however, is not over, and it is time for the Renegades to make a run at the West Coast’s first DCA World Championship. That might seem like an odd thing to say after experiencing the drum line equivalent of Hurricane Katrina, but what I saw from this corps this weekend (from ALL sections), told me that nothing is impossible with this corps. For some mysterious reason, maybe the Renegades will never get anything great done without extreme chaos.

Now, let’s fill the remaining holes, and put the best Renegades drum corps ever on the field.

Just because.