It is Friday night at 11:02pm, and for some reason I really excited to go back to practice….for whatever reason…my brain and life feel most calmest at rehearsal..despite chaos and drama there is nothing better than picking up your equipment and doing what you love. With me there is almost that added expectation of doing everything to perfection and getting the drill sets correct the first time. I know it sounds stupid, but DCA is exactly 1 month and a few days away. I have not performed in front of a LARGE crowd in years….2001 WGI was it. I guess it is hard to believe that I am preparing to perform again, a dream come true. My knees may ache a little and I am sore after every camp, but in the end it is worth it. I always feel that performance is truly the one place where I feel at home, per se. For now I am going to enjoy the last few weeks of Drum Corp and watch is “stealth” into divaness. I feel at home performing, and I know for myself…I am not sure if I will have this opportunity again, so I want to live it up while I can. I want to know that if I were to walk out on the field tomorrow and had my last show, that I would not lose or sacrifice any moment of uncertainity and just go for it. For me that means not analyzing every count as I run thru it, but savoring for the moment that it is, and that for me is what it is about. Until tomorow…See you on the cement=)