Death to the New York Skyliners!!

No. Not really. I actually like the Skyliners a great deal.

But, I thought a shocking headline would be appropriate on this, my first entry in the New World Order, aka the most Evil drum corps website on the planet, aka our answer to the drum corps Internet censorship practiced by many drum corps.

After an off-season of drama, draconian drum corps legislation, too many casualties in Iraq, a slightly improved San Francisco 49ers, and the ridiculous RAMD newsgroup finally surpassing Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kamph in Anger Factor … it is time for the 2007 season to begin … and I cannot wait!!

This year’s two goals are simple. First, we plan to field the best corps we ever had. Note the period on the end of that [BLEEP] sentence. Hey! Who hit the bleep button. This is supposd to be uncensored. At least until Rich Skare goes berserk and publicly accuses the Bushwackers of the Kennedy assassination or whatever.

In any event, this year, we’re going to work hard and do whatever it takes. As a side note to all my Reneguard pals on here, and for the public record, my first statement at a Renegades design Team meeting this year was the following: “I never want to hear a judge say that the colorguard is not integrated into the drill again.” So there.

Please direct any and all complaints about anything related to this statement to Dan Day, just because I have not had the opportunity to antagonize him in awhile.

As you may have read on here, we are taking a slightly different Evil approach to the corps marketing image this year in terms of what you will see on the field, and we have greatly sped up the show design timeline, neither of which involve the detonation of more than three nuclear weapons.

Our first full-run-through of the first few minutes of the show is scheduled for the first day of Open House. Unlike last year, when it was scheduled for July 17th, aka the first day the 19th and final version of the 2006 drum line all accidentally showed up at the same time, including Jerry, and allegedly Mike French. In any event, get ready. The 2007 show is Genius.

The second goal of this season is to have as much fun as possible. Which we usually succeed in doing, even when we are taking the field in the middle of Hurricane Ernesto, or the bi-annual celebration when antagonized people gather from all over the East Coast to try to vote us out of existence, aka the Rules Congress. This Saturday Night, we are demonstrating our commitment to Goal #2 by a chaotic full corps party at Gilman’s house … picking up right where we left at the Banquet, a few weeks, months or years ago.

If you are not doing anything this year, and want an extreme drum corps experience that is actually fun … join the New York Skyliners.

If you are on the West Coast, Renegades 2007 starts this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More info at …. errrrrrrr … this website.

It’s our year.