December Camp.

It was an awesome weekend for the Renegades first rehearsal camp of the 2007 season. We had people in and out of camp all weekend, but we are starting the year with 40 in the brass line, a near-full drum line (?!?!!!), and a solid nucleus of 15 or so in the guard.

There is a little recruiting to do in every section, but thankfully, there were no nuclear bombs going off in any section in particular, like there was last year with the drum line, when we went through the winter with a revolving door drum line, only to see one form through a miracle in July.

The Design Team busted its ass over the last two months to get the show nearly done for Open House. We have been pouring over mp3s to make sure the show works before it gets in the member’s hands — so far, so good. We played through the first few minutes of the show, entitled My Immortal, complete with guard work. It’s a print … now we start on the count sheet for drill.

The best part of the camp weekend — besides the most unbelievable first day of open house chaos that I have ever heard of in drum corps … and I laughed about for a good 24 hours … was the energy of the corps. It was a fun and productive weekend, and all of the drama from 2006 got left at the door when everyone walked in.

Last year was not a drum corps season. Emotionally and phyically, it was more like going to war. Everything that could have possibly went wrong, did. Every mistake that we possibly could have made, we did. But, when the dust settled, we still miraculously managed to stay a DCA East Finalist corps … where by all rights, 99 out of 100 corps would have given up and folded long before that. I am very proud of what we accomplished in the face of extreme adversity in 2006, but it certainly was not easy to get through.

After a long off-season break, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of everyone’s shoulders! There is much to do, including a little recruiting, but the 2007 season is off to a flying start … and I still have a smile on my face from the great weekend of drum corps … and a great party on Saturday night at Gilman’s.