Excerpt: The Triumph of Evil

A one-point penalty that resulted in a drop of two places at the DCA World Championships would decimate most drum corps. But for the Renegades, it was a blessing in disguise, and it became a defining moment of the corps. Instead of the members engaging in a witch-hunt to find the culprit … a miracle.

One by one, members of the corps posted an admission of guilt on the Renegades’ Internet forum. Within a day, pretty much every corps member had taken credit for the penalty, including a few alumni who had not even gone to DCA. A catch phrase started to appear in the Renegade’s signatures on the Internet, “It was me in 2003!”

The penalty did not divide the Renegades, it only made the corps stronger. The reaction to the penalty became one of the proudest moments of my entire drum corps career. The Renegades were more than a drum corps—they were a family.