I have no idea how to upstage the llama.

It’s finally becoming winter here in CA. That basically just means rain. Yes it gets cold but its never unbareable. There are always those one or two rehearsals when learning guard work in a downpour ends up building some crazy muscles and mostly just a lot of laughs as everyone realizes that we are insane for being outside in those conditions. Of course after DCA this past year. . . I guess we really are the “all weather drum corps.”

Camp in a little over a week now. The guard is already having sectionals to retain the loads of work that we learned last camp from Mark. At the end of the last rehearsal Mark encouraged all of us to start getting active and moving in between camps so that our bodies don’t hate us later. Hopefully we’re all doing that . . .we’re going to need it!!! :)

Chinese new year parade info is coming out and hopefully lots of people are going to be there from other corps. Last year was my first and it was alot of fun. There is something different about being on a dark street with a flood light in your eyes while tossing a flag. I think I’m mainly looking forward to the Chevy’s after parade Margarita myself.

So thats February in the bay area. Now back to your regularaly scheduled Llama break.