Ben Needs Friends

Due to planet alignment, some luck, extreme talent influx, and the best drum staff we’ve ever assembled, it appears likely that the Renegades will field the biggest and best percussion battery the corps has ever had. This is no hype — for the first time, we have a huge drum line full of experienced drummers. So, barring unforseen events, Renegades 2008 will have a monster drum line of somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 snares, 5 quads and 6 bass. Which for Renegades, is unheard of.

BUT — we only have one cymbal player, a cool cat named Ben. Ben is a fantastic cymbal player … but, one cymbal player in the largest percussion battery ever seen in West Coast senior corps doesn’t quite work. Ben needs friends!!!

So … Renegades are currently looking for 3-4 people to fill our cymbal line.

You don’t need to be a cymbal player to join — as long as you have marching experience, there is plenty of time to teach you how to play cymbals before the season.

If all continues to go according to plan, you won’t simply be in a Renegades drum line that is a little better … you will be in a monster drum line that is 9-10 light years better than it has ever been … no hype needed. If you are interested, drop us an email.