A Stairway Story

I went to high school in a small town in Northern Michigan called Ironwood.
The local AM radio station played local events and polkas. Except for 8pm – 10pm, when they would play Top 20 (Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Oliva Newton John).

I moved to Cupertino in June of 75 and as one of my first jobs, I contracted with my dads boss to clear all the weeds off his property. With rake and hoe and little AM radio, I started clearing weeds. Over the 3 days it took me to finish the job, I kept hearing this song on the radio (KFRC btw). This song was amazing. I had heard nothing like it. It starts out slow and pretty and then WHAM, theres this great rocken LOUD part. I was blown away.

So I kept listening to the radio to find out what the song was but could never catch it.

A couple of days after I finished the weed job, I was hanging out at a friends house listening to LPs and etc….

He puts this album on and it starts playing and Im like, very nice. Then THE SONG comes on !!!
I jump up and grab my friend and start yelling, “Who is this?!? Whats the name of this song ?!?!”

And he goes “Oh this is Led Zepplin and they are playing Stairway to Heaven”.

PS – Led Zeppelin IV was released in Nov. of 1971