Who we are:

The San Francisco Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1996 by a talented few who got together simply for the love of drum corps. As an All-age drum corps, membership ages range from 16 to over 60 years old, the Renegades produce a product that excites and engages audiences world wide.

Mission statement:

The Renegade organization is committed to bring an unprecedented awareness and appreciation of the drum corps activity to the public by providing unique educational and competitive programs that emphasize commitment, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision:

  • Compete at the highest levels in the Drum Corps Associates circuit.
  • Create a unique learning/performing opportunity that inspires and challenges our members.
  • Create an organization that strives for efficiency and sustainability in its operations.

Corps history:

They first took to the field in 1999 and have continued to grow from five members to over 150 diehard drum corps enthusiasts. Ranging in ages 18 to early 60’s, the Renegades produce a product that has far surpassed its original expectations. Because of their successful marketing teams, community outreach, corporate and hosted performances and commitment to developing senior corps in the West, they have become a nationally recognized non-profit performing arts organization.

Since 2000, The Renegades have competed in the West Coast Drum Corps circuit. In 2001, the 21 member Minicorps traveled east to compete on a national level at the Drum Corps Associates Championships, and came home champions with a score of 97.8. Not only did they make history by being the first West Coast corps represented at DCA, but also the first corps to win their debut appearance. In 2002, the Renegades made history again as the first California senior corps, with all 125+ members, to venture east to the Drum Corps Associates Championships in Scranton, PA. Their show, "The LOUDEST Show on Earth," stepped up the level of competition which allowed them to become both Finalist and Member in their first year.

The Renegades have also made a name for themselves through the attention they have previously received. In 2000, Mayor Willie Brown recognized the Renegades as the Official Drum & Bugle Corps of San Francisco. Drum Corps International invited The Renegades to host their own drum & bugle corps show in 2002. The Renegades website won the "Perfect Vision Bronze Award" from Perfect Vision in Canada for its elegant and skillful presentation of unique content. It also won the "Gold Award" from 42nd Street Web Awards for unique presentation, original content and ease of navigation. In 2002, they were featured briefly on the Apple Computer website promoting their iPhoto product.

Every year, the Renegades are determined to fine-tune their product creating a more competitive, artistic performance on the field. The corps continually strives to increase the level of awareness of the Renegades and the drum & bugle corps activity in their community and in the mainstream public. They are determined to increase their competitiveness on the field while maintaining past identities and traditions. By increasing the staff to member ratio, committing to extremely productive rehearsal time and experimenting with new brass timbres and pit instrumentation, the Renegades are well on their way to further success at the Drum Corps Associates Championships.