Watch out…

Watch out…

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Meet the Renegades — LA Tour 2007

WARNING: This video is Rated PG, due to one use of vulgarity by the narrator in reference to the weather in Canada, and two obscene gestures by evil twin bass drummer ninjas.

Review and Evil Video from Renegades LA Weekend 2007

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Weekend Review

Well, after arriving home from L.A at 3am, due to an accident on highway 5, I spent a large amount of time while sitting in traffic thinking about the weekend and I thought I would post my thoughts and a re-cap of a wonderful ending to season 1.0.

It puts me in another place in time where I can not think about work and other things going on in my outside life, and put my energy into performing. All of my energy from performing comes from the feelings that I have in real life. I find that I exude more during a performance. It is hard to explain the energy that the guard had at Sunday’s performance.

We were pushing ourselves to a new level of performance, instead of just “doing the show” We were all talking and motivating each other during our ten minutes of glory. I learned that we are a group of one working toward a common goal, and we have only a few weeks left to make ourselves even better. I perform because I love it.

Now, I know that I have a few weeks to achieve “perfection” Perfection means working and taking inventory of what I am doing incorrectly and attempt to fix it as best I can. I love the fact that this ENTIRE CORP is busting their butts to be awesome, and achieve that sense of desired perfection. 1.0 is done, and as I thought it went by soooo quick. I know for myself, I need to savor the moment that I have in 2007.

The Invasion of LA begins Friday …

Random Renegade Photos

We had a great party Saturday night before the cops came!

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I heart drunk girls who kiss on me!!!

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Crunchy, a frog.

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Vampire’s Night Out

Renegades June 2007

Video courtesy of Andrew Hoover