Renegades Chibi

Renegades Chibi

Fun in the Sun

The weather for this weekend, should be in the 70′s during the day, with a low of 49. I am excited that we get to learn all of this drill and put work and music on the field. I am grateful to be able to still perform. I know that when there is a camp after 5pm on Friday, I leave my life behind and become a performer for the weekend. I know that on Sunday night I will have a slightly anticipated form of excitement because we will have learned drill and will be looking forward to learning more. See you all tomorrow.

Bush Yoga…

I am a *$^)#(# rock star…
I am Yoga Bush…
the DCP king…
ya’ll know.
‘Done Chicken Pickin’


wheres my beer?

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The things you find online

DCI’s tax return

I "Kitty" Them

How many cats are in this picture?