It seems to be that EVERYONE now has a MySpace account and just recently.. CJ has been keeping RenegadeSpace all fresh and hip for the MySpace Community..

So check out the new page and leave comments and so forth.

I think this could be a great tool to reach out to potential members interested in joining the corps and spreading word around… (ahhmmm) LMS 7!!!!

A lot of people are now using this site as their website and as their Everyday email… So join and become The Renegades Friend!!!

See you guys networking

Trip Device Interview — Now on

FYI, we now have a promotional “podcast” interview of Trip Device, one of the artists performing at LMS 7 at

Go to the artist photo on the webpage, and click on the interview, it’s pretty cool. Trip Device’s music kick’s *ss, and is getting some serious radio play right now. Check out Trip Device at

Special thanks to Joe Wilt, Dave Leon and Greg Gilman for making this happen.

Renegades 1st Annual Future Risk Tournament

This Weekend.

Johanna Miller’s dining room table.
San Francisco, CA

Loud Music Symposium 7
Sunday, April 30.

The Heritage Theatre, Campbell, CA

The best one yet.

More info at:

Live from Minicorps Rehearsal!

The Minicorps has gotten together tonight to rehearse their show for Loud Music Symposium 7. Starting with a Jim McFarland arrangement of Mexicali Noe, the group will be burning byt the time LMS7 is here.

Speaking of LMS7, tickets went on sale today!

Buy now online!

Renegades 2006: Stairway to Heaven.

1. The 2006 show Stairway to Heaven contains the most intense music the Renegades have ever played … x 1,000,000. Be forewarned. The show is very evil, and it may antagonize some of you.

2. flashback to 2004. Prepare to get uncomfortable with drum corps. Again.

3. The summer is fast approaching. It is that time of year for everyone to clear their schedule and get to rehearsal. Starting with me.

4. This will be best corps we ever put on the field at DCA, and we are bringing our A-game.

Please accept our apologies in advance, for a show that is about to destroy a stadium and antagonize much of the Free World.


2006 Renegades: Stairway to Heaven