Renegades, the next generation…

Renegades, the next generation…

…it all started about a week ago now. I meant to blog about the occurance sooner, but life being what it is I find myself much further along the timestream as I finally put pen to paper, as it were.

I was busy one evening, doing what mommies across the country do; folding laundry, picking up the house, attempting to bring order to an otherwise chaotic existance. The children were in the livingroom, shooed out of ‘their’ end of the house as I picked up and tidied the mess they had so carefully wrought. There was the usual happy chatter as M and his little sister attempted to follow mommy’s directions about finding a board game to play.

Then I heard it… the strangled cry of a horn in distress, thin and strained as air escapes from places where it shouldn’t escape…

I rushed through the house, shouting to the baby, “what have you done? What are you doing?” Thinking the entire time that my youngest (a very precocious little two and a half year old) had once again nabbed my french horn. She’s ennamored of it really, always trying to blow out a note or two. But these… these notes were louder than normal, there was more substance to them…

It was M, my middle child. He’s shown, since he was a tiny tot, a preference for drums. The only drum corps he’ll really sit still for is BD, and when he sees them, he goes straight for the sticks. But there he was, every single slide pulled completely out of the horn as far as they’d go, trying as hard as he could to play. I was about to scold him for picking up mommy’s horn (a no-no) when he hefted the horn higher and flashed a brilliant sunny smile at me.

“I’m practicing mommy… I have to practice and get good if I’m going to be a Renegade.”

okay, my heart swells up and my throat closes off and I almost cry NOW thinking about that moment, think about how powerful it was THEN.

I took a deep breath and calmed my ruffled feathers. Though our sweet Frenchies are kind of a rare thing (try finding parts for ‘em sometimes. yoiks… rare beasties indeed) it’s still just a horn and there was my son showing more interest in it than I’d ever seen him show in anything musical ever before.

“Okay… come here…”

I took the horn back and showed M where all the slides belonged and explained why it’s important that they are where they are in relation to tuning. Then I gave him the horn back and let him have a go. For about ten, maybe fifteen minutes, no more than that, he blew as hard as he could. I don’t think he got out more than a low C or a G, he never was able to press the keys down (the horn’s pretty big and heavy for such a little squirt)…but he played and played till he was pooped. I sort of thought it might be a one time thing, yet M’s still creeping into the living room on a regular basis to try and pick up the horn so he can practice a bit more.

:) …makes a momma proud.

the photos were taken later, at bedtime. The little ones have taken to asking for ‘big shirts’ (translation: Mommy shirts) at bedtime in lieu of PJ’s…their favorites of my shirts being my Renegades shirts… as you can see…

More fun from CNY…

Randy!!! (it’s his birthday so he gets top billing ~_^ )

…Dr. (or is it Chef?) Evil… one cool cat.

Tony has got to have the BEST smile I’ve ever seen. 100% pure Cheshire that grin… :D

when you really get down to it, these parades of ours are wonderful opportunities for us to reunite with members from years past.

Look at those beautiful smiles… our guard’s beautiful!

one tuckered out little minigade…

Mmmm… yummy dinner!!!

Olivia showing off her gymnastic prowess… hmm.. perhaps we should consider adding gymnysts to the show???

(your intrepid photojournalists for this photoblog…stay tuned for more!!!)

LMS Breaking News.

Eddie the Rat to appear for a 4-minute command performance at LMS 7.

Now, now Matt, your plate looks to be empty there bud… what’s with the snarling at the photographer???

Having fun there folks? Visiting the Renegades is always an adventure!

the littlest minigade in attendance, Oliva, a long time (relative to her age of course) Renegades parade

…more piccies soon! (just as soon as I figure out what the hecks up with my painfully coded tables. o.O )

Renegade for a Day…

I can’t begin to express what fun it was taking my eldest daughter with me to spend a day with the Renegades. For my little ones, spending time with the Renegades often means having to sacrifice time with them. It’s a huge sacrifice… I love spending time with the little tykes… so getting a rare opportunity to bring one of them along for a performance is a wonderful treat. My sweet girl did GREAT! She got to help carry the banner way up in the front of the corps, got scared by some fire crackers, and got to spend the evening at the post parade party with all the grownups. She said it was some of the most fun she’s had!

…and no…that’s not a giant blue bow (or anything else like it) on my head. LOL! ‘s a coat resting on a wagon in the background but with the darkness it certainly made me go ‘o.O’ LOL!

*scrapbooking Chinese New Year*

The best thing about parades, are the smiles. Along the route, the crowd’s smiling… then later, as we relax and enjoy an evening doing what we all love to do (performing), we share in the laughter and enjoyment of the magic we’ve created…

This is just one of the many many pictures taken by myself and another intreped Renegade. :D As time permits… I’ll post more of them so that one and all may share in the fun we all had at the Post Chinese New Year party. LOL… great times!