How I Joined the Renegades – Rich Skare

How I Joined the Renegades – Rich Skare

Rich Skare played Mellophone and Contrabass in the Renegades for ten years. Here is his story of how he came to join the corps:

After not having any affiliation with corps for a long time, I found myself at the Stockton show in 1999, just in time to see the inaugural field performance of the Renegades. “Cool, I thought to myself, that there is a senior group getting off the ground.”
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From the Archives – 2003

Images from an amazing season for the DCA Finalists and crowd favorites, the San Francisco Renegades.

Loud and Good!

Eight Renegades DCA performances in one CD set!!

For the first time, all eight of the SF Renegades’ electric DCA performances have been collected in one CD set. From the first appearance in 2002, the Trilogy years, up through the amazing 2009 show, enjoy them all.

Loud has never been so good.

Camp at Treasure Island this weekend!

Attention all Renegades!

We will be rehearsing at Site X, otherwise known as Treasure Island, for our first May camp. We will finish Mars and learn drill to Jetsons. We will also be preparing for our debut at the LOUD MUSIC Symposium:Outer Space on Sunday. New members are always welcome!

We’re taking the show on the road – camp in Sacramento!

We will be camping out at Granite Bay High School this weekend. New members are always welcome! Here’s the details:

Saturday, April 17, 2010
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2010
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Granite Bay HS
1 Grizzly Way
Granite Bay, CA 95746-7194

Directions to Granite Bay HS-

Note: All sections will be rehearsing for the whole weekend.

**On Saturday, the Granit Bay band is doing a car wash to help raise money for their marching season. Please help return the favor they have extended to us and bring your cars to be washed at the school.**

Arrrr – Camp at Treasure Island, Mateys!

The Renegades will be at Treasure Island this weekend, learning more drill and music. It all starts at 10am on Saturday.


Did you know that Treasure Island has seven sides?

Fan Mail

“I think that the Renegades are the best “product” in either association (DCI or DCA). They have made a major contribution to the entertainment end of the business while loosening some sphincters along the way.”

Wayne Ford

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