How I Joined Renegades – Alex Collins

How I Joined Renegades – Alex Collins

This Del Mar H.S alum started out watching Renegades from the stands while we rehearsed at the school… Here’s how she joined.

I knew about Renegades for a while before joining; they rehearsed at my High School time and again. I remember the excitement run through my little High School band when our director told us the Renegades would be there that weekend. I would almost always drop by the school to listen. Sometimes I’d sit behind the horn line staff and just enjoy the music (not to mention the sound of more than 10 horns). The contras were my favorites.
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From the Archives 2009

I&E Champs

Dave Landers – Flight of the White Boy 2: Shatner’s Revenge

Pit/Bass Ensemble – Electric Counterpoint

Photos from the weekend (courtesy of DCP)

Shuttle has landed…

We’ve had our ups and downs… But what a season. Thanks for the great times and memories.

Photos will be up soon.

Lucky Dime Presents..

Planet Renegade a Space Opera…

Gate time: 7:00PM
Start time 7:17PM

Here we go… 

Congrats and Game time

Congratulations to Dave Landers and the 2010 RenePit/Bass Line for taking Gold at I&E yesterday!

Now it’s game time! 

Renegades are on at 5:49 EST … 

Rochester does not know what’s comin!