Speed Bump!

Speed Bump!

The crew is taking a break while in Toledo OH to take care of a couple issues. First the compressor is giving them a little bit of an issue, and now the first blown tire of the trip on the trailer!

Im sure they will be back on the road in no time!

Got Corn?

As we were all rolling out of bed this morning, the Contrabego was rolling through the windy city passing the 2,200 mile marker. Since then they have made it into the “Land of Lincoln” and apparently are lost, trying to find a Panda Express for lunch. I guess when you gotta have Orange Chicken, you gotta have it!

As for the Heckmanns, they are probibly still sleeping as they chug through Wyoming. As soon as we get an update from team cobra, we’ll let ya know.

Got any questions for the bego crew? Wanna know what movies they are watching, or their choice of energy drink to keep them awake on those night drives? Just comment bellow and we’ll get their answers.

Planes, Trains and Contrabegos Update

One last travel update for the evening.

The Bego crew has made it out of Wyoming and into Nebraska, passing the 1,200 mile mark. All we heard is that its boring in Wyoming, It was raining while Steve was driving, and something about a pink loofa… I dont know lol.

The Heckmanns aboad the California Zephyr are also making decent progress, as they just made a stop in Elko NV. In fact they are getting a little extra time off of the train, because they have been arriving to their cities early! Heres an update from Matt:
“Day 1 is coming to an end as we make our way to Salt Lake City. We had breakfast along the bay, lunch in the sierras, and dinner on the barren central Nevada landscape. We even managed to get some work done on the drum solo. Tomorrow finds us in Wyoming, and then Denver. Good night everyone! “
As for the Planes portion of this update, I know we had one member (Calvin) fly out tonight, some more will head out tomorrow, and the bulk flying out on Wednesday.

Train Trek’n

As the contrabego crew was taking a break in Salt Lake City this morning, our resident bass drum twins the Heckmanns were boarding the California Zephyr.

For the second year in a row, they will be making the trip while sitting back in complete comfort. They have their own room on board the train, and I know they loaded up their ipods and PSPs with plenty of movies to keep them entertained as they watch the world go by. I had the pleasure of taking this trip with them last year, and it really is a great (and cheap!) way to see the country.

We’ll be following them along their trip as well, periodically updating you on where they are.

Update from the Contrabego!

The contrabego has been pushing strong since last nights departure, already covering 770 miles. The guys on board are having a great and taking 300 mile shifts at a time!

Here are some pictures from so far!

The begos microwave knows what time it is!

Utah Sunrise

The famous salt flats

Great Salt Lake, and the end of a 300 mile shift.

Pics from the Pack

Championship Prelims Order of Appearance

2009 DCA Championship Preliminary Contest – September 5.
Order of appearance:

Open Class:
1. Crusaders
2. Music City Legend
3. Alliance
4. CorpsVets
5. Kilties
6. Brigadiers
7. Bushwackers
8. Renegades
9. Caballeros
10. Empire Statesmen
11. Hurricanes
12. Minnesota Brass, Inc.
13. Buccaneers