Can’t come to Annapolis for DCA?

Can’t come to Annapolis for DCA?

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Mini-Corps – Friday August 31st

Prelims – Saturday August 1st

Alumni Spectacular – August 2nd


See you watching us on your computer!

Hey… I just met you… and this is crazy…

So here’s a video…  Watch it maybe?

Taking some time from our busy rehearsal schedule to show our fans the fun side.




Renepalooza \ˈre-ni-pe’lu:zə/ is an annual musical festival featuring popular Drum Corps, good food, awesome performers, loud music, BBQ, auctions, and family fun. It has also provided a platform for the last G Horn Drum and Bugle Corps and DCA Rebels.

Come be a part of some fantastic loud fun on Sunday August 5th at the the Martinez Waterfront park in Martinez, CA from 3-6PM. The Waterfront Park is located at the Martinez Marina, only minutes from bustling downtown. The park is a spacious, well kept park with a great playground for the children, and one of the world’s largest collection of Bocci Ball courts (they are truly amazing, open to the public, and immaculate).

This is a very exciting new fundraiser for the Renegades, and promises to be a fun music filled evening with the talents of Roland Garceau, The Jim Ott Memorial Brass Ensemble, the combined hornlines of the Renegades and JOBE performing, as well as an epic standstill of the Renegades 2012 production “Twisted”.  Other musical groups TBA.

A $10.00 donation will get you a burger or hot dog and a drink, plus an entry in one of our many door prizes. Additional food will also be available, as well as an incredible Silent Auction.

So grab your friends and family, and come eat, drink, and be merry with us in this great location, and help support the Renegades as we push towards DCA Championships!

Renegades Show Announcement

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Renegades: A Youthful Experience


The show this year at SF Renegades is going to rock.

Last year, I had to learn the entire tenor book and drill in a month after being cut to tenors from snare.  I had never played tenors before but I was fortunate for being cut because I found out that I loved playing tenors.  It’s so much more fun when you’re learning at the same pace as everyone else.  Not having to cram everything in last minute really makes the stress levels go down.

I learned last year to take advantage of the time in between camps to make sure you know everything you’re responsible for, backwards and forwards.  It’s so cool to have the opportunity to have a full drumline this early in the season.  It means we’ll get even more time to get everything solid by DCI West.

If you’re reading this and play a horn, come out!  We need horn players to fill the spots that are missing in this corps.  Come be a part of the SF Renegades and help us march a full corps before June!

Chris Nalls – inducted into Buglers Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our very own Brass Caption Head – Chris Nalls for being inducted into the 2012 Bugler’s Hall of Fame!

Article on DCP

Photo taken by Charlie Groh

Making An Impression on Youth

Hi Members of the Renegades,

I wanted to thank all of you for showing my young boy scouts what a horn line can sound like. Being from the city they have never seen a Drum & Bugle Corps before. I have been wanting to show them a corps live for some time, DVDs of DCI don’t really show it. What you did playing for them was great, something must have rubbed off on them. I know the best Corps didn’t place first. The “judges” must have scored heavy on “cute points” But you should feel good about getting young kids excited about Drum Corps. Good Luck to you and thanks again!

John Miyoko
Troop12 Corps

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