Renegades: A Youthful Experience

Renegades: A Youthful Experience


The show this year at SF Renegades is going to rock.

Last year, I had to learn the entire tenor book and drill in a month after being cut to tenors from snare.  I had never played tenors before but I was fortunate for being cut because I found out that I loved playing tenors.  It’s so much more fun when you’re learning at the same pace as everyone else.  Not having to cram everything in last minute really makes the stress levels go down.

I learned last year to take advantage of the time in between camps to make sure you know everything you’re responsible for, backwards and forwards.  It’s so cool to have the opportunity to have a full drumline this early in the season.  It means we’ll get even more time to get everything solid by DCI West.

If you’re reading this and play a horn, come out!  We need horn players to fill the spots that are missing in this corps.  Come be a part of the SF Renegades and help us march a full corps before June!