Mike McCool Interview Now Available

Mike McCool Interview Now Available

Renegades show design guru and program coordinator for the Santa Clara Vanguard was interviewed on the Mellocast by Renegades Corps Director Chris Nalls. Listen in to find out more about one of the most interesting people in drum corps.


The Mellocast is also available on iTunes.

Show Announcement

Hey Everyone,

Sorry if you are just now logging in to watch the video of the open house announcement. Due to certain circumstances, we have decided to not show the video yet still provide you with the audio clip of the shows debut.

Not only will you hear a description of the show given by Chris Nalls, but you will also be treated to actual sound clips of each portion of the show.

Click here to listen, and enjoy!

Drum Corps is Family!

Our own Lisa Abbott is featured in the 7th episode of Drum Corps Planet’s infamous Box Center podcast talking about marching in Renegades while her son marches in the Blue Devils C corps.

Drum corps… and family. Good stuff!

See you on the 50,

- Greg

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