Season Debut this Monday – 4 p.m. – Newark, CA

Season Debut this Monday – 4 p.m. – Newark, CA

In order to get a semi-performance in before the June 21st season opening show in Concord, we would love to cordially invite our Friends, Friends and Alumni to attend our camp run through this Monday afternoon, May 26, at 4 p.m.

If you have marched with us before, you know how important it is to have those pre-season “performances” that imitate our “show day performance schedule,” and help to shake those pesky pre-show jitters. Besides, it’s always more of an adrenaline rush to have someone out there in the audience cheering the corps on – or, as Dugada would say, “make someone in the audience (his) b*tch”!!! :) Plus – the corps is doing great this year!! Very exciting stuff is happening!!

Monday’s Run through/Performance Information:

Newark Junior HS
6201 Lafayette Ave,
Newark, CA 94560

See you in the bleachers!!!

Renegades 2008 – Camp Photos

The Templeton Camp

Some Evil Photos from Camp

The Chaos Continues ….

First Blood is Drawn & Margaritas are Consumed!

February 23rd, 2008
Chinese New Years’ Parade Judging Results

1st Place – SF Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps
2nd Place – Troop 12 Drum & Bugle Corps

In an urban nightscape of darkness, rain, cheering crowds, floodlights,
shadows and aided by traveling mercenaries from the Anaheim Kingsmen,
Velvet Knights, Kilties and other Drum Corps nomads, the
Renegades marched through the streets of downtown San Francisco in pursuit of
their traditional arch-rivals, the St. Mary’s Drum and Bell Corps.
Pleasing onlookers and television audiences alike, the ensemble retired
to Chevy’s for its annual post-parade celebration.

Having spent the following week drying out from the wet parade and
after-party, the Renegades spent the first weekend of March,
appropriately enough, marching.

Under the instruction and encouragement of marching Puppetmaster Dave
Watrous and his skilled staff, the drums and horns joined forces on the field to successfully complete 17 pages of drill for this year’s show, “Dark City.” Drill for Movement 1: “Prologue to Evil” and the drum feature were wisely given multiple repetitions to get the pieces under the corps’ feet. The last runthrough of the camp was a hard fought step forward in this year’s program. With substantial gains made so far, one can only lament that early
season weekends are not long enough.

The hornline continues to improve as a standstill ensemble and
demonstrated a commendable level of self-discipline. As their numbers
increase and veterans return, the Texas flavored Mellophone section is
emerging and defining its sound. And just when you thought it couldn’t
get any better, this year’s world class Renegade contra section is
stepping up seven notches on the intensity meter. With roughly 75% of
the show’s music available for memorization, the next immediate
obstacle to the hornline’s further improvement rests with how much its
individual members practice between camps. Who could ask for a more
clear-cut challenge?

The Renegades 2008 drumline continued its journey toward greatness and
proved they could march and play last camp. In particular,
listening to this year’s Renegades bass drums invokes sounds of a
well-tuned, robust 1960′s V-6 engine (slant six of course) which is
about to get even more finely tuned in the months to come.

Director Greg Gilman took a few well-spent minutes from practice for
some family time by holding the first “State of the Corps” meeting. As
the Renegades evolve into a member-driven organization in 2008, the
need for open discussion about the corps’ inner workings is essential.
Clearly, the Renegades are extremely fortunate to have the benefit
of long-time organizational experience, which is being complemented by an
environment of volunteerism growing within the active membership. With
so many individual Renegades doing what they can for the good of the
greater tribe, the season can already be declared a success.

Again, the Renegades wish to thank all those who traveled near and far
in joining us for the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade. You are invited back
for next year. A 50/50 chance rain is forecast accompanied by a 100% chance of Margaritas.

Renegades January Camp In Review

Dark City Chronicle
January 17th, 2008

“I am sore, tired, achy, strained, and basically mush. But I haven’t felt this excited in years! The demand of the staff is at such an intense pace, that you know by the time the summer hits, we’ll not only be able to do what they’re training us to do, but exceed anything we’ve ever done! I feel like a dork for just wanting to thank everyone who’s helped design this show! Across the board, this is just so much fun!”

- Incredibly concise summation of the January 12-13th Renegade Camp submitted by actual participant.

Thank you for this report, we know just how you feel and you’re not a “dork…”
[And even if you WERE, you’d be “OUR dork!”]

With roughly an hour of sunlight left on Sunday afternoon, the Renegades concluded the season’s second weekend practice by running through three pieces from our 2008 show; “Dark City: Every Night at Midnight, Reality Changes.” This marked the first time the entire corps played together outdoors. The three selections “Prologue to Evil” followed by the drum feature “Metamorphosis” and “Dust in The Wind” were each conducted in turn by five highly talented Drum Major candidates – [“Almost as difficult as choosing a new Pope.” relates Selection Committee.]

This years #7+1 Renegades are clearly from the same mold of the past and already several bright spots are emerging in the 2008 casting.

A larger, more powerful, cymbal-charged Renegades Drumline is approaching capacity numbers. This Drumline personifies the corps wide example to excel, aka “Don’t Suck,” in their playing and in having already held several additional out-of-camp sectionals. Their collective force, emerging cohesion and early season focus is undeniable. Their demonstrated ability to energize the overall corps has many in this organization silently smiling at what awaits audiences (and judges) this summer. How is it even possible that there are still openings in the Pit and who is the yet unknown tympani player destined to become a front line star?

The ReneGuard continues flowering as Mr. Al Yeh, Esq. relates: “Colorguard Caption Mark Metzger & Vince Velasquez have the Renegade’s guard running full throttle. The focus continues on setting the season’s foundations early: the integration of movement, equipment technique and expressive presentation. “The movement block stretched our minds and bodies to understand space and time within the marching field. Providing the visual portion to the music, this year’s equipment work is best described as FAST, INTENSE and AGGRESSIVE – a cool blend of a tiny bit of old school technique interspersed in lots of modern dance/equipment work. This year’s guard show has already been choreographed through the Percussion Break and is coming alive before our eyes as we spin, dance & leap! you loved our 2007 show, we’re charging even harder to be among the best. Don’t wait until spring to join — join us now at the February camp!”

Dark City’s musical foundation will clearly be built upon the Renegade’s Contra section. Since the inception of the Renegades, this group is consistently one of, if not always, THE BEST in DCA. Lacking a more eloquent metaphor, Soprano soloist/instructor Roland Garceau is to the Renegade hornline what James Caan’s fictional character “Jonathan E” is in the 1975 film “Rollerball” – the games’s Champion. Renegades hornline veterans, Staff and section leaders are successfully mentoring the new players into the system. This is an added reason for Renegade veterans to show up early in 2008.

Shaking early morning cobwebs off their charges and occasionally Silly String off himself, Marching Guru Dave Watrus and Staff continue doing something most could only imagine if trapped in Sartre’s “No Exit.” Teaching mostly grown adults, many in varying degrees of “out of marching shape” (for now) and carrying heavy equipment, how to move as a group in time: uniformly, gracefully and efficiently. “And we’ve got two hours to do it.” Somehow they make the group better, every time, without fail. Special recognition goes to Daniel Day, veteran SCV/Renegade marcher and Baritone player, for his unassuming suggestion to the horn and cymbals group concerning the “horn’s up” motion: “Breath in during the counts you’re bringing your instrument up. It establishes a natural rhythm to the motion and ensures you’re ready to play once your horn is up.” The hornline, somewhat stunned by the simplistic logic of this sage advice, managed to smooth out and improve subsequent executions of the “horns up” motion. Champions are built on details and once again, Renegade veterans are invaluable.

Why the heck is everyone openly excited and optimistic as things appear to be going well this year? Is it just early season hype? A secret weapon? Has someone added something to the Kool-Aid? Any explanation behind this positive outlook is for each Renegade to validate or discover individually. Personally, I ask myself two simple questions. “How many seconds, not minutes, during the January camp were the staff member(s) in front of me without a set agenda for what was suppose to be happening and/or I wasn’t engaged, couldn’t be doing something productive?” Answer – “ZERO.” Second question. “How many organizations, career settings, classrooms, et al… have I been in, outside of this year’s Renegades, where I felt the same degree of staff preparedness and deliberate approach to the management of time?” Again, “ZERO.”

I suspect planning the 2008 Renegades began around September 3rd last year during a long plane ride West. I further suspect there is a cocktail glass stained napkin from that flight with something like the following scribbled on the back:
“ ’08 HAVE FUN! – an incredible Staff, ready, efficiently using time to maximize the efforts of a very gifted pool of Talent – RESULT – great start, even better finish. HAVE FUN!” [Napkins are extra big on long flights]. I believe we’re seeing the fruits of that planning already.

Of course, I’m just guessing and as the season moves on, the Kool-Aid thing is always an option.

Renegades 2008

A Great Staff.

A Great Show.

A Great Corps.

A Great Time.

Join the Renegades at the Next Camp = January 12-13

Attention Group …

The 2008 corps is looking fantastic, and plans are underway to dive into the drill much earlier this season. So, we are setting the corps’ numbers at the January camp, so we can learn drill in February.

If you want a spot in the 2008 Renegades but cannot make the camp, please let us know, so we can make sure there is room for you in the drill!!