How YOU can help the Renegades.

Join eScrip!

It’s VERY easy and only takes 7 minutes. Well, it actually takes 5 minutes, but we like 7 better.

In any event, when join eScrip, enter the Renegades number, 547 3404.

When you use your bank or debit cards throughout the year, the Renegades will get badly needed funds to use towards the purchase of instruments, rehearsal facilities etc. It costs you nothing during the year, but you help the Renegades quest for World Domination and Chaos!


We are The Renegades Association of California and our ID# is 5473404

Thank you!

Happy New Year!

from Chris, Jed, James, Lisa, Greg, Scott, Laurel, Roland, Dan, Steve, Thu, Darryl, Todd, Keith and Vinyl the Wonder Dog

Greetings from the Renegades New Years Bash

Happy New Year to all of our Drum Corps brothers and sisters – may 2007 see all your drum corps dreams come true!

Renegades New Years Bash
Chris Nalls House

Quotes from the party floor:

The sense of cameradery was pervasive.

Alcohol removed champagne is terrible

Why does it hurt when I sit down?

I like Lemon Shots

Rimshot be born.


Who sacrificed a small animal in the hallway?

I’m gettin’ nuttin for Chris Nalls

Much has been had!

Late Night Renegades Dance

The wierd things you find on the internet late at night…

Yeah.. you can draw your own dancer.

See you drawing a Santa,

- Greg