7am and leaving for LA

7am and leaving for LA

Here we go.. on my first tour with the Renegades.. actually on the bus right now. Glad to be leaving with the Renegades. 24hrs of work this week and finally leaving for LA.

But lets just say that leaving at 7!! yeah 7.. we are running quite late. Well because Mr. U Suck come late.. lol just playing Rick.. Welcome to the Corps, we wouldnt leave you behind.

But yes.. finnaly leaving the Bay area and ready to attack whats ahead of us. I dont know what to expect.. so guess that goes for another Blog in the near future..

Loud Music Symposium LA!
7:00 PM – July 7, 2006
(Doors open at 6:00 PM)

Torrance High School
2200 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90501

Don’t miss it!

- Greg

The Moonlight Classic, Saturday July 1
Be there.


Oh im feeling it and craving it now… the crazy Evil closer that has been put on the field. Is it

Oh its extreme and intense.. Im hungry for more.. i cant wait to have this drill under our belts.


Its like a Hurricane that went into a full category 777!!!

Uniforms & the Italian Dish

This weekend started out with drill all day on Saturday. The guard was in the best mood I’ve seen us yet this year!! “I feel good!!!” Everything went pretty smoothly. We were amused that “Death Camp” day one was just a nice steady pace of drill with a slight breeze. It was probably one of the nicest most enjoyable days of rehearsal all year!

Sunday morning started out with a little conditioning . . . uh oh uniform time!! A few push ups, crunches and the ever popular lunge/across the floors were painful but felt good afterwards. . . although now I know why my legs don’t want to move!

Uniforms!!!!! The Reneguard is now into the show uniforms. I love the colors! We’re really going to stand out next to the sea of black of the rest of the corps. This week is the rush of alterations and buying whatever accessories are needed. Friday we’ll be showing off our reds for the first time!

Surprise! Peter took a break from the heat down south and joined us for Sunday. It’s rifle time!!! The whole guard is on rifle for Ricotta . . .I mean Tocatta! Sweet!! I love it! I watched the video this morning and it’s going to be so good. I’ve always hated not being intergrated with the corps enough . .well no longer!!! My first toss I’m surrounded by snares and baritones. Love it!!!! Again I love the fact that we can all spin! We’re going to be fabulous!

I was amazed at the end of the show watching the horns and drums. They are flying on the field. It’s a very powerful ending and I can’t wait for the guard to learn our ending work that goes along with the in your face ending that the horns and drums learned this weekend. Like I keep saying . . . this summer is going to be awesome.

Done and Done…

yep…that’s right…

We finished the closure yesterday. Since it’ll be on the field here in a week or so for competition, I won’t bore the reading public with a description beyond the following…

Holy freakin’ cats Batman!!!

Yeah… it’s aggressive, it’s fast, and it’s in your face O.M.G.

I think we managed to learn more drill than I’ve ever learned on the field in one day, but the corps was eating it up and begging for more. Horns and drums put music together with brand new drill and presto changego…there was a complete show on the field at the end of the day, complete with high, ringing A’s and A-flats out of the Alto line (hey…I HAVE to pimp my section, right?).

Now is the time for people to start being afraid.

…very very afraid. *evilgrin*