Blog 7 review of the DCI Panel Discussion.

Have You Seen Marlina?

She was last seen at a ski resort in Pennsylvania being felt up by a Hooters girl and hanging out with some guy in a Tigger outfit. If you have any info on her whereabouts, please send it to Todd Oliver. He was asking around about her the other day between fits of spouting something off about a f*cking Cheeseburglar or something.

Anyway, on to the reason we’re all here.

To make Greg happy that people are posting in the blog.

For the noobs, please allow me to introduce myself (I’m a man of wealth and taste…).

The name’s Dave. I’m a marching guy. Nice to meet you.

I’ll be around occasionally, spouting off about this and that, or that and this, but mostly this and that.

Speaking of the Tigger outfit, here’s something that I can put in my personal hall of fame: I uploaded a pic of the costume in question on Myspace the other day (those who are wondering what I’m talking about…check out the Crunchy Frog pics from 04), and within 10 minutes, some random dude from NY sends me a message saying something like “you should be shot for wearing that outfit, you f*ckin’ homo!”

At least I think that’s what he said. The way the guy wrote, it looked like he was trying to speak Esperanto or something.

Anyway, that’s enough drivel from me. See you on the field ($1 to Gilman).


p.s. I took a voiceover class last year from the guy who does the voice of the Hamburglar. (Really!)

Why Renegades?

Why not.

Stomp Blog

Well this evening I found Greg (aka “Gilman”) online, and he has (in his usual way) convinced me to post on this blog. Exciting. Time consuming. Always Entertaining.

He also convinced me to create “Stomp Blog”. This is a very Stomper-like statement, but I feel a little like Leonard Nimoy. He released a book titled I am not Spock detailing why people should, in short, leave him the hell alone. Later he decided that ‘Hey, being Spock is kind of nice, and the movie deals aren’t bad either’ and released I am Spock. No one read either, but it fits my predicament. I have wrestled with acceptance of “Stomper” for a long time, and although I don’t have a movie deal (yet), being a peusdo-online-drumcorps-cult-celebrity is very intriguing.

So unless I come to my senses, I will have a blog that will involve me stomping a different item each post, and featuring it in some odd way with verbage. On the short list- George Hopkins, and a CD of menudo (I don’t own one…I am sure someone has one as a coaster that they can donate) .

i love drum corps

I love drum corps. Plain and simple. Whenever something goes wrong in life there is drum corps to help you through it. You can pour your heart and soul into learning your show and soon all your troubles are far away. You realize that all the stupid stuff you go through in life doesn’t compare to that 11 minutes you’re on the field in front of a stadium full of fans. For those 11 minutes your troubles are nowhere to be found. So whenever you feel blue, or things just aren’t going right, take solace in drum corps. I know I do.

It’s George Hopkins day on Evil DCP. Help celebrate the man, the myth, and extrame chaos.

All at once.

Or something like that.

Floating Drum Corps

This video link got sent to me by a non-drum corps friend. No… I have no clue who it is. But I’m intrigued given that Renegades have this huge body of water around San Francisco.

Anyone know if they make barges larger than a football field?

See you on the barge,

- Greg