Drum Corps Video Podcasts on iTunes

Drum Corps Video Podcasts on iTunes

PodcastThe first two drum corps podcasting on the iTunes music store? Santa Clara Vanguard and the Blue Devils (iTunes links). Big kudos to both for leaping into the video podcasting world. Good job!

There’s also a lot of other drum-corps-related podcasts on iTunes that I haven’t checked out yet. Anyone else tried them?

See you on iTunes,

- Greg


I can’t even begin to express how totally excited I am about this year’s opportunities to perform with the Renegades. I had thought that last year would be my last, seeing how life decided to go from zero to lightspeed in about seven seconds flat. But in the course of dealing with a life gone suddenly out of control the Renegades were there letting me be the only thing I could/can be…



So here I am, back for another year! And what a year it’s going to be. I couldn’t believe the coolness of the parts we got at the first camp. …nor the difficulty. Fun stuff indeed!

I find myself practicing probably more than I’ve ever practiced before. Okay, well, I did practice more when I was still playing Clarinet (my pricipal) and a music major. But since then…nah. I play by ear and love just immersing myself in the line, letting the music flow through me until it makes sense. Then, the parts just come of their own accord. But this year, there is the extra added challenge of range. o.o I’ve never ever in my life seen such high French Horn parts, and it’s GREAT! So it’s siren calls for this girl during practice sessions. That means I’m starting at the lower note, say A in this instance (gosh are those high on Frenchie. o.o) and then making a siren sound as I move up to the octave of the note, the high A. ‘s good stuff, challenging, but good.

There is so much potential and promise this year in the Renegades…how could I stay away? A chance to perform with amazing musicians, to have the horn guru of horn gurus teaching us again, to recieve such killer parts with the expectation of being able to play said parts (and I will play ‘em…just see if I don’t!). It’s the stuff that makes life interesting and exciting!

It’s also the stuff that makes me late for work when I stop to blog. LOL! So off I dash for the time being! But I’ll be back!

Play loud!

Evil DCP.

Evil DCP.

Bring the chaos back via the little-known uncensored evil twin.


Join and run amok.

Guess what these are?

PlugsNo… not new pit instruments.

No… not streamlined versions of our infamous Mellophone megaphones.

What are they? The answer is found in our pictures from January camp.

See you on the blog,

- Greg

PS: Yes… we still have openings in most sections for the 2006 season… join us!

Renememories… CYN 2004

CYN 2004Ah… the memories. With our appearance in the Chinese New Year Parade coming up on Feb 11 (join us), it’s a good time to check out our last performance in 2004. Warm up the modem, crank up the speakers and enjoy this video of Chinese New Year 2004.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

- Greg

Stairway to Heaven Preview

The highlight of January’s camp was hearing the final version of Stairway to Heaven for the first time. It’s going to shine in this year’s show!

Enjoy a short preview of Stairway to Heaven… mmmmm! Tasty!

See you in the blog,

- Greg

Welcome to Reneblog!

You knew it was going to happen –– it was just a matter of time. Tah dah! The official Renegades blog!

To celebrate our fabulous dip into the cyberspace swimming pool, here’s some pictures from January camp (how ’bout that snazzy slideshow feature). Enjoy!!

See you on the blog,

- Greg