SCV Appreciation Day

SCV Appreciation Day

Yay for Sunscreen!

It’s going to be a wonderful warm weekend again for rehearsal in San Jose! Partly cloudy with highs in the 60s-70s!

I love California :)


The Renegades pit is seeking mallet players and a timpanist for the 2007 season. Who wouldn’t want to join a section that looks like this?
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The one in the middle

Chinese New Year Parade

This was a Chinese New Year to remember. In our 7th appearance (there’s that number again), the corps had a great time performing a new parade tune, Tower of Power Medley, written by Baritone superstar Dave Landers. The corps was joined by friends old and new from Seattle, SoCal, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and we had the announcers singing along and the audiences clapping. The main comment? “I’ll DEFINITELY be back next year!”

Here are a few pictures from the parade:

The color guard heads into the performance area.

The Brass section roars through the reviewing area.

Rumor has it that the color guard brought 500 Jello shots to the parade. I can personally vouch for five of them.

The Kingsmen Alumni contingent had a particularly good time.

Random little kids dressed as pigs.

The Banner Boys and the Honor Guard led the way.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this day the most fun I have ever had at a parade. It’s days like this that remind us all why we are in drum corps – renewing old friendships and making new ones, combined with the joy putting the act together and having a great time performing.

More pictures

Have fun at the Chinese New Year Parade! And don’t forget…

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