Dark City

Dark City

The 2008 San Francisco Renegades are proud to present Dark City, a production that sets the Renegades “character” in the world of the science fiction film noir of the same name written and directed by Alex Proyas. In Dark City, a mysterious race of alien beings called “The Strangers” use psycho kinetic powers to stop time and alter the city’s landscape and conduct experiments on unknowing humans.

The concept behind the Renegades show is that the musicians represent the Strangers, and the color guard represents the human citizens of Dark City. As in the film, the Strangers freeze time and change the “reality” three times throughout the show. The Renegades production is not a literal telling of the story from Dark City, but the Renegades paint the emotional landscape of three different realities in Dark City, each of which is preceded by the Strangers freezing time.

Act 1: Dark City – “Prologue to Evil,” which may be the most intense Renegades Opener to date, is an original composition by Key Poulan. This piece reflects the beginning of what is to come in the world of Dark City. “Prologue” then morphs into “Metamorphosis,” the drum feature written by Thom Shearer and Chris Corriea, which dances around highly driven drum beats, rhythmic writing, diverse timbre, and some highlighted soli sections. Rounding out the day is “Space Shuttle,” written by John La Barbera and arranged by Key Poulan. This groovin’ little jazz piece allows great interplay of brass and guard and represents daily city life before … reality changes

Act 2: Contention and Sorrow – “At Midnight, Everything Changes” is an original composition by Key Poulan based on the contention of two pivotal characters in Dark City. This contention leads to great sorrow as one of our characters is taken from the City during the rock power ballad, “Dust in the Wind,” by Kansas. Haunting melodies and visual nuance will leave the audience emotionally rendered in this epic ballad before … reality changes

Act 3: Revenge and Fortitude – “The Theme from Predator” develops this final act of intense battle and dismay before courageous strength of mind prevails into a celebration of light and rapture, with “Ave Maria.”

Within Dark City’s framework, towering skyscrapers project long shadows where light interplays between huge swaths of darkness. A deep, thick fog descends upon the streets and narrow alleys. Color guard members move slowly… intently… deliberately… from shadows into the light and back into darkness again. Is it real? Is this my imagination? Is this another dimension? Come join the 2008 Renegades and explore this realm that lies on the edge of reality.

Sunday Night Bingo – Up and Calling!!!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

“PAPER!” Imagine yourself as as a bingo volunteer, strolling down the aisle and calling out a service for the customers.

“CHERRY!” A customer turns his head, but is looking for a different item to purchase.

“FLASH!” A flash customer hears your call and gestures for you to approach her table. After she purchases your last 20 flash cards, you make a dash back to the main desk for a refill. You have just sold your first round of flash cards and realize that you’re pretty darn good at this. Volunteering for bingo can actually be fun!

On Sunday night, April 6th, Renegades initiated their very own newly added additional bingo session dedicated to Renegades & NorCal Cheerleading at Vanguard Hall. In partnership with Santa Clara Vanguard, the Renegades & NorCal’s bingo session was a complete success.

Darryl Coleman, Renegades Bingo Manager commented, “The turnout was amazing! The lines for the new session started forming almost as soon as we finished the afternoon sessions. It was a truly wonderful sight to see my fellow Renegades in action including: Mike, Amy, Joe, Tiffany, and Sara. They were all supporting this evening along with the wonderful Nor-Cal volunteers. I definitely believe that these evenings are going to be something special, simply because the very first game of the evening was won on the number 7! I look forward to the following weeks when more of my fellow Renegades will be on the bingo floor.”

The Renegades Sunday Night session bingo games are held from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. every Sunday evening at the Santa Clara Vanguard Corps Hall.

Come join the fun! Corps members, Alumni, Friends and Family can all help your local Renegades with this ongoing fund raiser. It makes for a greatly satisfying evening while helping the corps out.

To sign up, or for more information, please e-mail: bingo@renegades.org.

– “Colorguard Al” Yeh

The Lines of Bingo-goers are ready to PLAY BALL!!

Sandra, SCV Bingo Manager

Sara waiting for the action to begin …

Tiffany throwin’ her lucky 7′s!

Mike wheelin’ & dealin’ – flash cards, that is!

Joe flashin’ a 20 for some flashes!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

Lucky Number 7!! It’s a good day for Drum Corps – I mean – BINGO!!

Darryl is a masta at the mic!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

First Bingo of the Night!
If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what one is!

Renegades Announce MAJOR Changes for 2008 Season!!!


San Francisco, CA – April 1, 2008 – The San Francisco Renegades (NYSE: SFR) announced today that they have entered into an historic merger with the Blue Devils C Corps.

At the DCA World Championships, the members of BDC will be used to replace members of the Renegades mid-performance. This first-of-its-kind “second stringer” idea came to pass when one Renegades member was unable to finish a runthrough, asking his son to take his place. The idea was such a hit that the Renegades staff decided to go even younger.

“Why not get members who are as young as possible? They have all kinds of energy. Plus, we would score all kids of Cute Points!,” corps director Greg Gilman was quoted as saying.

The biggest obstacle has been scheduling rehearsals. because many members of BDC have to be in bed early (and because of California’s child labor laws), rehearsals have been moved to 7:30 a.m.

When reached for comment, Renegades President Anne Bragstad mumbled something about frogs being crunchy and then proceeded on to a ten minute diatribe about whether or not Eddie is, in fact, a rat.

ABOUT THE RENEGADES: The Renegades are 7 people and a ham sandwich.

Woo hoo! CNY is Saturday!

Renegades and friends,

Woo hoo! Our biggest winter event is finally here — the infamous Chinese New Year parade! The stage is set for an amazing weekend as numerous friends from across the nation are on their way to SF to join us in the parade. This is going to be a good one!

Below is a summary of all the necessary details needed to have a great day. As usual, this parade might get wet so come prepared, especially at practice on windy Treasure Island. Remember…. Renegades pride ourselves on being an all-weather drum corps.

Finally, I heartily encourage everyone to join us at Chevy’s after the parade for a good old-fashioned party. This is one of those rare times when we don’t have practice the next day, so it gets rowdy. A good chance to eat some yummy food, drink frosty beverages and bond with your drum corps friends. Good times.

See you on Treasure Island,

Greg Gilman

In This Posting
- Memorize All Night Long
- Treasure Island (noon)
- Chevy’s For Lunch (3:30pm)
- Parade Warm Up (6:00pm)
- Chevy’s For Dinner (8:00pm)
- Parade Attire Reminder
- Hotel Info
- Additional Parade Info
- Renegades Heros
- Have Fun!

Memorize All Night Long
It’s important everyone have their gig memorized by the time they get to Treasure Island at noon. Do yourself a favor, and brush up on things in the next couple of days:


Guard Work:

Treasure Island (noon)
Saturday, Feb 23, 2008
12:00 – 3:00pm

We will be having a short rehearsal on Treasure Island beginning at noon. Everyone marching in the parade must be there to set the parade block. Expect a short warmup, followed by a relaxed music/marching rehearsal.

For those who have never been to Treasure Island, you can get exact directions here:

Note: Be careful of that first off-ramp from the bay bridge — it’s a doozy!

Chevy’s For Lunch (3:30pm)
In the break between rehearsal and the parade, everyone is encouraged to have lunch at the Chevy’s in Embarcadero 2, which is a couple of blocks away from our warm up area:

Chevy’s Fresh Mex
2 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA

Note: Be sure to get a flyer from us at rehearsal — lunch (and dinner) are Renegades fundraisers!

Parade Warm Up (6:00pm)
We will be meeting near the corner of Battery and Market at 6:00pm. It is important everyone is on-time, as we’re leaving as little “standing around time” as possible before the parade begins at 6:30.

Chevy’s For Dinner (8:00pm)
After the parade, it’s party time back at Chevy’s! This is when things get crazy… enjoy!

Chevy’s Fresh Mex
2 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA

Note: Be sure to get a flyer — your Margarita is a Renegades fundraiser!

Parade Attire Reminder
Horns, Drums and Banner: Red, long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, all black dress shoes or sneakers.

Color Guard: Black shoes, black pants, black tops and green, orange, or red accessories of any kind. In the hair, scarf, and etc. Please make the accessories noticeable.

Hotel Information
Sir Francis Drake
450 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Reminder: When checking into the hotel on Saturday afternoon, be sure to return to the east side of the parade route before they start closing down streets (for instance, Chevy’s). We’ve had instances of members being “stuck” on the wrong side of the parade at warmup time. Not fun.

See this interactive map of the day’s locations for details:

Additional Parade Info
Official Parade Site:

Renegades CNY Site:

CNY Interactive Map:

Renegades Heros
- Al and Robin: A big thanks to both Al and Robin for taking care of the many details involved with getting us in the parade. Meetings, paperwork, phone calls… it’s a lot more work than most folks realize. Additionally, don’t miss the amazing drum major costumes they found for us.

- Tiffany: Additionally, a big thanks to Tiffany for setting up our Treasure Island rehearsal (including porta-potty) and our all-day fund-raiser at Chevy’s (including flyers). Great job!

- Anne: Everyone marching in the CNY will get a special, limited-edition patch featuring a very cool stylized Rat. A big thanks to Anne for making these happen — they came out great!

Have Fun!
The Chinese New Year parade is historically one of our wildest, craziest, most exciting events — even in the rain! Every year we wow the crowd. Every year something wacky happens. Every year we have a GREAT time bonding with our drum corps friends from across the country. Have fun — this is going to be a blast!

San Francisco Renegades Announce New President


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Jan. 15, 2008) – The San Francisco Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps, the official drum & bugle corps of the city of San Francisco and a 6-time Drum Corps Associates finalist, announced the appointment of Anne Bragstad to the position of President of the corps. She will oversee the Board of Directors as well as the various committees within the Renegades organization.

“I am excited about taking over the position of President,” Bragstad said. “I have been with the organization for the past 6 years, and served many different roles on the Board of Directors. The presidency was just the right position at the right time for me, and I look forward to helping everyone make great things happen for this corps this year.”

Bragstad steps in for Steve Proud, a member of the Renegades since 2000 who stepped down from the position due to work commitments. Speaking of her predecessor, Bragstad said, “Unfortunately, as it sometimes does in drum corps, life gets in the way. This is what happened with Steve.” The Renegades remain hopeful that Proud will be back with the corps at some point in the future.

About the Renegades

The San Francisco Renegades were founded in 1996 by a small group of people that got together simply for the love of the drum corps activity. The mission of the Renegade organization is to bring an unprecedented awareness and appreciation of the drum corps activity to the public through a comprehensive marketing and financial plan. In 2002, the Renegades have became the first California all-age corps to compete at the Drum Corps Associates Championships, becoming both Finalist and Member in their first year. Since then, the Renegades have been a finalist every year at the DCA Championships.

Ben Needs Friends

Due to planet alignment, some luck, extreme talent influx, and the best drum staff we’ve ever assembled, it appears likely that the Renegades will field the biggest and best percussion battery the corps has ever had. This is no hype — for the first time, we have a huge drum line full of experienced drummers. So, barring unforseen events, Renegades 2008 will have a monster drum line of somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 snares, 5 quads and 6 bass. Which for Renegades, is unheard of.

BUT — we only have one cymbal player, a cool cat named Ben. Ben is a fantastic cymbal player … but, one cymbal player in the largest percussion battery ever seen in West Coast senior corps doesn’t quite work. Ben needs friends!!!

So … Renegades are currently looking for 3-4 people to fill our cymbal line.

You don’t need to be a cymbal player to join — as long as you have marching experience, there is plenty of time to teach you how to play cymbals before the season.

If all continues to go according to plan, you won’t simply be in a Renegades drum line that is a little better … you will be in a monster drum line that is 9-10 light years better than it has ever been … no hype needed. If you are interested, drop us an email.

The 2008 San Francisco Renegades Present

Dark City
Every Night at Midnight, Reality Changes

Act 1
Prologue to Evil (K. Poulan)
Metamorphasis (F. Kafka)
Space Shuttle (Buddy Rich)

Act 2
Dogs in the Kitchen (Resident Evil)
Mona Lisa Overdrive (Matrix)
Dust in the Wind (Kansas)

Act 3
Music from the motion picture “Predator”