Dark City

Dark City

The 2008 San Francisco Renegades are proud to present Dark City, a production that sets the Renegades “character” in the world of the science fiction film noir of the same name written and directed by Alex Proyas. In Dark City, a mysterious race of alien beings called “The Strangers” use psycho kinetic powers to stop time and alter the city’s landscape and conduct experiments on unknowing humans.

The concept behind the Renegades show is that the musicians represent the Strangers, and the color guard represents the human citizens of Dark City. As in the film, the Strangers freeze time and change the “reality” three times throughout the show. The Renegades production is not a literal telling of the story from Dark City, but the Renegades paint the emotional landscape of three different realities in Dark City, each of which is preceded by the Strangers freezing time.

Act 1: Dark City – “Prologue to Evil,” which may be the most intense Renegades Opener to date, is an original composition by Key Poulan. This piece reflects the beginning of what is to come in the world of Dark City. “Prologue” then morphs into “Metamorphosis,” the drum feature written by Thom Shearer and Chris Corriea, which dances around highly driven drum beats, rhythmic writing, diverse timbre, and some highlighted soli sections. Rounding out the day is “Space Shuttle,” written by John La Barbera and arranged by Key Poulan. This groovin’ little jazz piece allows great interplay of brass and guard and represents daily city life before … reality changes

Act 2: Contention and Sorrow – “At Midnight, Everything Changes” is an original composition by Key Poulan based on the contention of two pivotal characters in Dark City. This contention leads to great sorrow as one of our characters is taken from the City during the rock power ballad, “Dust in the Wind,” by Kansas. Haunting melodies and visual nuance will leave the audience emotionally rendered in this epic ballad before … reality changes

Act 3: Revenge and Fortitude – “The Theme from Predator” develops this final act of intense battle and dismay before courageous strength of mind prevails into a celebration of light and rapture, with “Ave Maria.”

Within Dark City’s framework, towering skyscrapers project long shadows where light interplays between huge swaths of darkness. A deep, thick fog descends upon the streets and narrow alleys. Color guard members move slowly… intently… deliberately… from shadows into the light and back into darkness again. Is it real? Is this my imagination? Is this another dimension? Come join the 2008 Renegades and explore this realm that lies on the edge of reality.

The 2008 San Francisco Renegades Present

Dark City
Every Night at Midnight, Reality Changes

Act 1
Prologue to Evil (K. Poulan)
Metamorphasis (F. Kafka)
Space Shuttle (Buddy Rich)

Act 2
Dogs in the Kitchen (Resident Evil)
Mona Lisa Overdrive (Matrix)
Dust in the Wind (Kansas)

Act 3
Music from the motion picture “Predator”

SF Renegades Family Day – This Saturday Night!

If you live anywhere closer than 3,000 miles away … come join us for our last Performance in California before we head east to DCA Championships!

We’ve worked for months and months … The show is done in all it’s Glorified Ghoulishsness!! This is your last chance to see it before this drum and bugle corpse hits the road …


Saturday, August 25

Mars (the Blue Devils practice field) is located behind the Blue Devils Bingo hall at:

Blue Devils Bingo Hall
4065 Nelson Ave
Concord, CA 94520

NOTE: There is a new entrance on Nelson Avenue BEFORE you get to the BD bingo hall — Corner of Laura Alice Way & Nelson Avenue — go in the gate by the baseball fields and follow around to the right.

Souvies will be for sale – including the long awaited Trilogy DVD, including shows from 2003, 2004, 2005, special commentary, and ability to watch in trilogy order!!! Water will also be available, and many, many other goodies!

Raffle!! We’re doing an awesome raffle in order to win a Playstation 3, and many other prizes!!!

See ya there …

~ 7 ~

Weekend Review

Well, after arriving home from L.A at 3am, due to an accident on highway 5, I spent a large amount of time while sitting in traffic thinking about the weekend and I thought I would post my thoughts and a re-cap of a wonderful ending to season 1.0.

It puts me in another place in time where I can not think about work and other things going on in my outside life, and put my energy into performing. All of my energy from performing comes from the feelings that I have in real life. I find that I exude more during a performance. It is hard to explain the energy that the guard had at Sunday’s performance.

We were pushing ourselves to a new level of performance, instead of just “doing the show” We were all talking and motivating each other during our ten minutes of glory. I learned that we are a group of one working toward a common goal, and we have only a few weeks left to make ourselves even better. I perform because I love it.

Now, I know that I have a few weeks to achieve “perfection” Perfection means working and taking inventory of what I am doing incorrectly and attempt to fix it as best I can. I love the fact that this ENTIRE CORP is busting their butts to be awesome, and achieve that sense of desired perfection. 1.0 is done, and as I thought it went by soooo quick. I know for myself, I need to savor the moment that I have in 2007.

Weekend of Shows

I am sure I can say for people in the corp, that Friday’s nights traffic took on a new meaning…4 hours in the car, praying that Aisha and I would get there to do at least one run through. It was a whirlwind weekend of driving on 205 2x and making sure that I somehow got some sleep. Shows were great and fun. The best part was the police coming to Gilman’s party. 2007 is our year. Time to kick some ass.

LMS Friday the 13th

A spectacular concert presented by the San Francisco Renegades, SoCal Dream and the Torrance High School Band

2200 West Carson Street, Torrance CA

*** LIVE — IN CONCERT ****

San Francisco Renegades
SoCal Dream
Hollywood Kill
Velvet Knights
Trip Device
Lara Schuler
Eddie the Rat

Tickets are only $15 at the Door!