Dark City from a Marching Members Perspective.

So I’m not sure who really reads this front page, but I figure I’ll post something new on it for those who thrive on everything Renegades.

Dark city…how do I explain it?

Well as the name says, and Renegades are known for, its definitely a dark show. But you definitely cannot mistake it for any other show we have put on the field. We follow the normal renegades formula of slamming opener, followed by a Jazz piece, a phenomenal ballad that might have you in tears at the end, and a closer thats guaranteed to make you stand. But all of that is done with some amazing twists and turns that you wont expect, and a level that the corps may have not reached design wise before.

Being in the corps for a few years now as a bass drummer, I have to say that this is easily the hardest show I have marched with the corps. For the drumline this year we have some really cool beats written by Thom and Chris, and there are parts visually that are sending us all over the field.

The new drums are so sweet. Check em out,

Pretty sweet eh?

For me, I got a smaller drum, which felt good on the back during the Pride Parade this past weekend.

So far the bassline is doing pretty good. This is actually the first year the Renegades have had an all Vet bassline, and we’re definitely gonna show you what we can do. The staff has created some nice moments for us to show off, and once it all cleans up its will be great.

The drumline as a whole has definitely stepped it up a few levels. We’re pushing hard this year. We’re marching 8 Snares, 4 Tenors, 5 Bass, and 5 Cymbals. We have some amazing talent this year, with a great mix of old and new faces. We acquired quite a few friends from our brothers up north of RCR, who went inactive this season. We’re glad they’re here, and we could give them a place to march. They are definitely fitting right in with no problems!

And the pit…wooo weee. They definitely cannot go without being mentioned. The pit is SOLID this year. By far the best pit I have seen in front (or in this case…the middle) of this corps. Some really strong mallet players are leading the charge, and every rehearsal the corps is more impressed by them. Like with the rest of the drumline, the pit has been given some great moments to shine in the show, and they are not disappointing.

Well… Thats it for me tonight. Just trying to give everyone a different view of our corps this year, from and insiders perspective. I’ll try and take pictures and camps, and post little things here and there.

Thanks all… peace out.