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A quick and easy way to help the Renegades

Thanks to new technologies, it is now easier than ever to donate to the Renegades. If you use credit cards, you can be donating regularly all year long, at no additional cost to youself!

The program is called eScrip and has been helping schools and non-profit organizations for years using paper scrip. Now, with the age of credit cards, you simply register your cards and eScrip will automatically donate between 2% and 18% of your purchase price directly to the Renegades when you shop at one of their many, many family of merchants.

Simply fill out the form at the link below. In five minutes- you'll be donating to the Renegades year round!

Additional information about eScrip is available at

Thank you for supporting the San Francisco Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps. As always, any questions can be directed to the email address