Drill + Music = Downbeats to Midnight

Renegades Camp Feb. 2nd-3rd, 2008
Dark City Chronicle

While not quite “Gestalt on Asphalt,” this past Sunday the all-weather 2008 Renegade’s Drum and Horn lines marched and played this year’s opener. This early February marching miracle arrived thanks to the hard work and cooperation of all present.

Saturday found Dave Watrous, along with the Renegades marching staff
and drill legend Jay Murphy lifting the 2008 opening drill off graph paper in using live marchers for testing drill options and visual concepts. The dividends of this process were fresh revisions for Sunday morning’s silent drill practice. Invoking a comparison with industrious shoemaker elves (the evil yet ironically helpful kind), having completed revisions so quickly has the obvious pointed earmarks of late night efforts by the marching staff working to maximize everyone’s time and effort. Sunday’s camp culminated in several runthroughs of the opener, each improving over the last.

Ascending the podium for the first time, 2008 Renegades Drum Major Lolita Tabujara displayed intrepid resolve in directing the typical roughness accompanying early season runthroughs. She clearly possesses a talent destined to place her amongst the ranks of great Renegade Drum Majors of years past.

Equally adept at marching on rain-covered asphalt as they are turf, the Drumline continued to add snares (7+1), pit members and cymbal players this past weekend. Any potential tenor players and pit members are encouraged to dial in now as the Renegades fields one of its biggest and best Drumlines in recent years.

The Hornline made great strides while practicing two new Renegade flavored jazz numbers, “Space Shuttle” and “At Midnight Everything Changes.” The second sports a brief musical valentine to the great New York Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps. The only obstacle separating the 2008 Renegade Hornline from greatness lies in the question of which of its two budding personas will emerge dominant. The very talented Hornline occasionally dropping its focus and simultaneously biting the hand trying to feed it and ultimately itself in the rear; OR the very talented Hornline capable of quietly focusing as needed and
subsequently taking care of business. If Sunday’s practice is any indication, the latter will be appearing this summer to the greater enjoyment of fans nationwide.

In all, another excellent camp in which all present should feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. The March camp heralds the return of the Renegades Colorguard who are a pivotal point in elevating the evolving 2008 show to new heights. Spots are still available in all sections and Renegades alumni are encouraged, as always, to jump in for what is going to be a great year.

The 2008 Renegades will spend the rest of February preparing for the traditional Chinese New Year Parade and the arrival of their “Renegade for a Day” brothers and sisters from near and far. The Renegades are especially looking forward to having a large contingent of Anaheim Kingsmen making the one-day Renegade transformation as we perform and celebrate at this year’s parade. On behalf of the 2008 Renegades to those unable to join us this year, to our loved ones, alumni family, our friends everywhere and our many secret enemies befitting an organization as Evil as ours:

“Gong Hay Fat Choy!”