After this past weekend, I got same feeling of excitement and nervousness as I did when I first stepped onto the field to perform 16 years ago. This time it is a little different. I am a little older, my muscles don’t work the way they used too, and I am not as flexible as I used to be. This year is different and exciting, as I am marching with my good friend Aisha. She is so excited about the season. Mostly returning to the field to perform. Mostly, I was excited to see new and old friends from 2006. I think that this year will be phenominal. I find myself feeling nostalgic and exited for the season to come. I guess as you get older, the pageantry activity never leaves you. This year I know that people will here that we are awesome and they can bring it on. Heres to 2007. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season.