How I Joined Renegades – Michael Bertram

This drum corps addict has not missed a single DCI Championship since 1978. Find out he started out with Renegades.

When I aged out of drum corps after marching Garfield and Santa Clara, I was still addicted. I continued going to local shows and have gone to every DCI Championship since 1978.

I kept an eye out for an opportunity to play again, but nothing of significance popped up for 20 some years. When SF Shockwave formed, I played with them for a while till it fell apart.

Finally, I saw the Renegades play at the Stockton and Santa Clara shows in 1999. I looked into the corps and found out they were planning on playing Pictures of Spain in 2000. That song had been a favorite of mine since the Hawthone Muchacho’s played it in the mid-seventies. It was also on my list of “Charts to Play before I Die”.

That pretty much sold me and I’ve been in the corps for the last 11 years, slowly working off tunes on the list. Fortunately, Malaguena is also on my Bucket list and since there is little chance of the corps ever playing that, I may just have to live forever.

Why don’t you join the Renegades and tell us your story?