How I Joined Renegades – Omero Rodriguez

I First heard of the Renegades in the winter or 2003. I was auditioning for my high schools winter percussion ensemble and i was hoping to make snare (as it was, I was probably going to be put on 3rd or 4th bass). Well my percussion instructor (Chris Rodriquez, who played tenors for Renegades) said he’d make a deal with me. He would give me the final snare spot if i came to Renegades open house for the 2005 season. ( 2004 was already a few months in, and i had just gotten back from tour with Yamato the previous summer, not to mention, at the time i was only 17 ) Well, i got the snare spot, finished high school, and in November of 2004, i was at the 2005 Renegades open house. Man i was not prepared for the level of talent that horn line had, but I did my lil audition, and they put me on lower lead. I stuck with the ‘Gades until about April, when my parents decided that they weren’t going to pay for another season of drum corps. With no money, and no source of income, I had to drop out. To this day, this is still my biggest regret.

In 2006, I decided that I wanted at least one more year of junior corps, and so, I planned to audition for the Blue Devils. I practiced daily for many hours, went to the gym daily for many hours, and got into the best shape of my life. Well 2 weeks before auditions, I was out playing some football, and blew out my knee. The doctors said that I would never be able to march again. And thus ended my junior corps days, and what I thought my drum corps career.

In 2006, Greg called me up and asked if I was still interested in the Renegades. I was, and so I came out to the 2007 Renegades open house. It had been a year since me knee injury, I was walking fine, could run a little, and me knee was not given me much problems. ( Man, the drum corps gods don’t like me much ) Well, in April of 2007, i was at work ( doing A/C ) and my knee gave out while i was on the roof of a customers. I fell off the roof, and busted me knee again. And so ended my 2007 Season.

2008, well, i took the year off, i was on crutches and in a cast for the majority of 2007.

Well, 2009 came around, it had a been a couple years since I had played, my knee had been heeling for a couple years, and I was ready to give it one last chance. I showed up to the 2009 open house, ( with me knee brace ) and joined the 2009 Renegades. It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done. Many doc visits, with them telling me i had to stop or i would need knee replacement. I went thru 3 knee braces that season, but i kept pushing myself, and it was worth in. In September of 2009, after 3 years of trying, i finally completed my first season with the Renegades. And it all got started by my high school percussion instructor bribing me…

Why don’t you join the Renegades and tell us your story?

Open house is just around the corner. January 8-9, 2011 @ Del Mar H.S. Click Here for more information. See you there!