How I Joined Renegades – Ray and Madge Sanchez

He was in Kingsmen, she was in Velvet Knights – both met while doing the Kingsmen Alumni Corps back in 2007 (click here to read that story) here’s how they became Renegades:

In 2007, I (Madge) was the Chairman of the Kingsmen Alumni Corps PPC (Party Planning Committee), and five from this group (#6, Deb Peterson, already being in NorCal) made our way to San Francisco to march the Chinese New Year Parade with the Renegades. Non-stop frivolity was the order of the weekend, centered around jello shots (both making and eating!!). Ray joined this particular journey in 2008 (the beginning of the Sultan’s Harem), and we’ve been involved with CNY ever since. In 2009, after finishing our season with the Kingsmen Senior Corps and celebrating our first anniversary with a ten-day trip to my home state of Colorado, we heard that there were openings in the soprano line for the Renegades. While we initially hesitated, due to $$$$ having been spent so far that summer, we realized a golden opportunity had once again been dropped at our doorstep (one we missed the year before). So, we took the leap and jumped in the pool.

We spent the three weekends prior to DCA driving back and forth from SoCal for rehearsals. Ray learned the entire show by Family Day (with the help of a bunch of great people!!!), and I stepped into the Honor Guard. Those four weeks were beyond incredible, and getting to experience DCA for the first time as members of the Renegades….well, words can’t begin to describe!!! Thus, we were back for more in 2010 starting with Open House in December. While Ray stepped back into a soprano spot, I made the move to the Pit (and I’m lovin’ it!!!). We’re not only glad to be marching, we’re stoked to be able to march with such a fun, focused corps as the Renegades.

Our time in the Renegades has brought some of the fondest memories we’ve spent in drum corps. We both garner so much enjoyment being with such quality people both on and off the field. ROCK ON GADES!!!!

Why don’t you join the Renegades and tell us your story?