How I Joined the Renegades – Adam Jones

Right out of high school I was involved with a junior corps that was starting up out of Woodland, CA called Shockwave. The two years I was in Shockwave playing snare drum and we only performed at the Stockton Show. I was there in 1999 and saw the Renegades and that was the first time I had ever heard of senior corps.

2001 and 2002 I marched Mandarins ( on snare and marched all through college with the Sacramento State Marching Band and Winter Ensemble ( 1999-2006 trading off snare and tenors. Since the Fall of 2008 I have been the Marching Peruccssion Director for the Sacramento State Marching Band and Winter Ensemble. While I was marching the Sacramento State Winter Ensemble we teamed up with brass players and started the formation of a senior corps called Captial Regiment… The name would later be changed to River City Regiment. After I graduated from Sacramento State in 2005 I was invited to check out River City Regiment and I ended up marching 2006 and 2007 on tenors and competed against Renegades.

How I joined Renegades…

River City Regiment folded in 2007 and I still wanted to march and go to DCA Championships. So a few of my friends that I had made at River City Regiment and I decided we would march Renegades in 2008. I marched snare 2008, tenors in 2009 and for 2010 I am the battery section leader playing snare again. Also for this 2010 season I am the first recipient of the First Annual KMSC Scholarship (

Kevin Murray and Adam Jones

Why don’t you join the Renegades and tell us your story?