How I Joined the Renegades – Rich Skare

Rich Skare played Mellophone and Contrabass in the Renegades for ten years. Here is his story of how he came to join the corps:

After not having any affiliation with corps for a long time, I found myself at the Stockton show in 1999, just in time to see the inaugural field performance of the Renegades. “Cool, I thought to myself, that there is a senior group getting off the ground.”

………two years pass………

I find myself really REALLY missing being a musician as I’d not really touched a horn in years, let ALONE playing in any kind of ensemble. I then remember those Renegades people and decide that I don’t care if they only have five horn players, if they still exist I will join them and hold on for dear life, for better or worse.

I then show up to a early season rehearsal for the 2001 season of the SF Renegades and find Chris Nalls (who was my first REAL musical mentor dating back to when I was 15 years old) and a membership turnout of 40+ horn players.


Why don’t you join the Renegades and tell us your story?