I cant believe it!!!

I swore just yesterday we were having fun doing the Chinese New Year Parade and now were about to leave on a new Adventure for the 2006 season. Its been a rough season for myself as I jumped with the Renegades where i was between jobs and living in different places and loosing loved ones along the ride.. but i still stuck to it!!! No matter how painfull life was.. i always felt comfort with the Renegades.

I made some amazing new friends with this corps and they are not just people that i can say “I Marched With” but these are people that i can go to during the off season if i wanted to hang out.

Also.. I never performed with a corps with such power and reputation. I was always with the underdogs of Div II corps for DCI and still that was an amazing feeling.. but this time Im going to be performing in front of a crowed that may feel like a MILLION people. Yes i will admit… I am nervous about it, but the pride will kick in in about 700% more then i had before stepping on the field.

Im glad that I got this far and i hope my journey will continue and will learn more in life from it.

This will deffinately be an experience i will cherish as a “First Time” experience!!

Rochester here i come!!!

signed AltoRawker