I Got 15 Minutes

So today was quite the adventure for your C7 host. I told you I had a surprise, and mission: accomplished!

I had this great idea Monday night, to fly into Chicago, and surprise the Heckmanns by riding the last day on the train with them. Honestly if you knew how fun it really is… you would too! So I flew out of Oakland this morning @ 7am, heading towards Chicago, with a stop in Long Beach. I got into Chicago around 4pm, and immediately jumped on the subway/train to downtown. During this whole time, im texting with the brothers to find out exactly where they are. As I get off the subway, I find out they have been hanging out at Navy pier for a few hours, and will be leaving soon. So I get my train ticket, check my bag in, and hop on the first bus down to the Pier. The minute I get off the bus, I look to my right, and they are literally right there. Millions of people in Chicago, tens of thousands at Navy pier alone, and I find them within 2 minutes. So I fire up the camera, and start running towards them (keep in mind they had NOOO idea!). So I’m filming as I run up to Matt, and I ask “Hey do you know where the water taxi is?!” And I get the craziest look I have ever gotten in my life…. it was like he was looking at a ghost!

It was really funny, and I’m glad I caught it all on tape… maybe ill post it. Anyway, so here I am at union station in downtown Chicago. We got to take a nice water taxi ride back to here from the pier, and took a lot of pictures. We’ll post some up tomorrow.

Ok well time to hit the rails. We’ll be online tomorrow when all the good stuff starts at 4pm. Until then, See Ya!