Last California Rehearsal of the summer

Many times I have heard people refer to drum corps as a big family. This past weekend showed me just that. Last week my life changed suddenly with the loss of my mother. Needless to say I was worried about taking off a week of rehearsal and having to play catch up this final weekend at Mars. I also realized that sometimes I’m too hard on myself and need to breath and relax more. As soon as I got to rehearsal I was overwhelmed by the support and love that I felt from my Renegade family.

This whole summer has been a challenge for the guard and somehow I think we’re pulling through. We had a great weekend!! Everyone was really working together and things are really happening now. I can’t wait to show DCA what we can do. It might have been a crazy summer but we are here and ready to be great!! I will just as proud as ever to take the field with my Renegade family.

It’s time to get on the bus. . . I mean plane!!!