Less than 2 Weeks until ROAD TRIP!!!!!

In just under 2 weeks Renegades make their way down south to San Luis Obispo for their first away camp of the season.
Its time to make sure those hotel reservations are made and carpools are organized. It’ll be a big weekend of getting more drill on the field!! All of the WGI excitement will be over so there should be a full colorguard ready to learn more work from Mark and get on the field with the rest of the corps.
Personally I need to check my sunscreen supply and make sure that there is plenty of it available along with a hat and a large supply of water.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! Can you believe that the first show is in 2 months. It’s April. It’s time that time of year that Renegades gets great!!
If you’re reading this and NOT marching then whats the hold up?! Low brass especially need to find their way down south and join us for what could be the best corps Renegades have ever had.