Long Day … Bigger One Tomorrow

Well heres to the end of DCA friday. We had two four hour blocks today for rehearsal that went extremly well. Star united mini-corps showed up for the last chunk of ensemble, including the runthough. Like I said yesterday, giving us more chances to perform is what we really need. They were a great crowd this afternoon, and because of that we had by far our best run of the show to date.

I and E was a blast tonight as well. Here is a quick recap (if I can remember them all)

Dave Landers on Baritone took SEVENth!
Anthrax Ripple actually took 2nd in Percussion Ensemble.
Taking the gold in percussion ensemble was LOAF (tenor line)
Taking gold for Mallet ensemble was the Renegades Pit
And the mini-corps took 2nd place to Star United.

So as you can see, very succesful year for the corps at I and E, 2 golds, 2 silvers, and of course…a SEVEN!

Well…very very long and IMPORTANT day tomorrow. So im headin to bed.

312 out.