May Camp #1 Big Success

Woo hoo! Another successful camp behind us! Some random notes:

- After seeing the “Stairway to Heaven” drill on the field for the first time, the phrase-of-the-day… “Jay Muphy is a genius.”
- This year’s corps learns drill REALLY FAST!
- This will be the best Renegades guard ever. Period.
- Having Joe, one of the original 7 Renegades, back in the baritone section is a major hype (where is Stomper?).
- Having R2, 2004 I&E Contra Champion, back in the contra section is a major hype (where is Tats?).
- Seeing Jake, legendary bass drummer, back in the bass drum line is a major hype.
- Backing up the pit trailer is a LOT harder than it looks.
- When it’s warm out, Treasure Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

All in all, a very successful camp! Good job, everyone.

See you on the 50,

- Greg