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Dan Day enjoys a pre-parade Stogie.

"The Renegades really stole the show tonight - I just love your corps!!"
--Denise Wilcox

Before making their way into the City and into the swirl of color on Market Street, the corps made their preparions at Rehearsal Site 'X', otherwise known as Treasure Island. Built by the Navy for the World's Fair, the island is a great place to rehearse. And as these pictures show - it has the finest view of any rehearsal site!

Check out the video!

Lead Mellophones - the original Power Alley ™

Jeff DeMello loses his mind while the rest of the low brass practice contortion..

Rumor has it that a certain Eastern European nation is on the verge of naming the Renegades Champions of the Republic.

The guard is fast becoming the stars of the show!

Loud is Good

Join us for the 2003 Edition of the Chinese New Years Parade!!

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