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The view is always better from "the 50" ... but this time the "50" is the lane divider on Stockton Street, heading into San Francisco's Chinatown.

Talking to Lee

"Ooooooo ... scary" - Dawn and Jeff meet Lee Rudnicki for the first time!

Rich and Mom

Champion Contra Rich Skare, and his Champion Mom!

Thunder Bass

A new Renegade game: "Where are the Erie Thunderbird bass drummers?"


Evil Bill: "and he could ... go ... all the way ... TOUCHDOWN"!

Blue Devils

A bevy of Blue Devils - Doug "Pooh Bear", Doug "Regular", Rich, Rob, and webmaster Greg.  You can't get much more talent than this in one spot at one time!

Mellophones and French Horns.
The 2003 Middle Brass section gets together for the first section pic of the year (minus 2 Frenchies, Len & Liz).  Dave's "Seven Boa" is voted The Fashion Statement of the Evening!  We barely recognized him without the blue hair!

  Tony Marches

Yes, Renegades Low Brass CAN maintain cover, dress, and the diagonals ... at the same time!


There are guard EVERYWHERE this year ... and they are GOOD!


The Evil Honor Guards first performance, with 5 of our 7 flags!

The percussion section gets larger and larger each day!

  Crab Walk

Rich Skare, one of the World Champion Renegade Contras™ demonstrates his one true passion: performing "The Macarena" while crab-walking at 200 Beats-per-Minute™.

  Doug & Greg

Hard work requires a "hard" beverage, and after many years of practice, Doug and Greg know how to relax!

America's Sweetheart

Americas Sweetheart™ Francesca Columbini and her new Soprano
(in the key of G ... naturally!)

Drum Major Rachel "Agnes" Grunsky commands the horn line to perform "Overture for Mercedes," in honor of the new evil black staff car.


Anthony "Popeye" Aranda keeps a "cymbal-ic" eye on the camera.

Food, drink, and good friends.

Your guess is as good as ours ... was this before or after the parade?!??!

Lesa and Lisa ... the imagination soars!

Josh Powell, evil-Pit Instructor is happy to have the evening off, and celebrates the free time smokin' a stogie!


A "red and green toast" to the Santa Clara Vanguard, in thanks for the loan of instruments.

Good friends, drink, and food!

Batman to the Rescue ... "I save thee from all alcoholic beverages". (Sorry Jon, no ™ for you ... DC Comics owns that trademark!)

JOIN today!!

Evil SopSecLead reenacts his great-grandfathers "I Want You" recruiting poster ... updated for the times!

  Don't miss reviews of the parade from Snappette's Mom (aka Dennis Mancini), former Renegades President Brandon Wilson and infamous Mellophone-meister Rob Brown.

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