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An amazing camp weekend left everyone happily exhausted and in need of new shoes. The Coast Guard helicopter crew waved hello during a fly by, and military jets flew patterns overhead. After three weeks off, our facilities at Treasure Island felt like we were home.

Additional news: We got an email from the Coast Guard helicopter pilot (he's a Freelancer alumni).

Lead Soprano Doug Peterson has a son, Kyle in the Blue Devils C Corps. They will be performing together for the first time at LMS4!!

Freedom Horns throwin' down their Freedom Hype!

Zach enjoys a little contra lovin' on a Sunday afternoon.

Marvin "Burping the Tupperware.™"

"So, I was here ... then I go there ... then i'm over there ... then that happens ... then we halt ... then fast ... then high note ... then done." (The thought process of a lead sop)

"The Rock Stars are coming back with a vengeance to DCA. Brace yourselves."

--Drum Major Dave Leon

Afternoon warm-ups led by Chris Nalls, while Jim McFarland listens in.

The Queen of Clean, Kathy Pearson, works the guard.

When Rachel's not working on a Mathematics degree, she workin' the numbers in her head while conducting all our multi-meters!

Center snare and battery section leader Carlos Almeida, planning for the next rehearsal block.

Matrix Rox!

Look at me - I'm Beautiful!

Lee is explaining to this very interested group what exactly posessed him to bleach his hair.

Rebel soloist Rich Duarte knows there's nothing like blasting a Double C after throwing down some beats. Rich is featured on Soprano and Drum Set in this year's show.

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