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The Renegades Colorguard has transformed into an amazing group in the early part of the 2003 season. With more and more people coming to camp every month, they are the first section packed and bursting at the seams. Here they are working on the notorious "Block of Death" soon becoming the hottest color guard moment in West Coast Sr. Corps!

Dave Watrous, the bearer of blessed drill charts, finds his way to the field.

This could be the view YOU see! (we still have a couple of opportunities for lead soprano players).

And Jeff wins ugliest shirt contest!

"The first five minutes of the show may be physically strenuous, but it's going to turn some heads this summer!"

-- Lee Rudnicki

My sandwich at Togo's was Thiiiiiis Big!

This dog was wearing more clothes than the girl at a photo shoot less than 50 yards away.

Stu shows us his best rasberry.

Alisha makes a statement with her shirt.

The drumline taking life seriously, while seriously disrupting Treasure Island traffic on the busiest street on the island!!! Evil is as evil does.


Relaxin' in the sun, catchin' some rays.

Tony, Len & Lizz gettin' their chair on - 'cause that's how they roll.

Rich Skare escaping from the Contrabago. Beer, video games and good times!!

The Evil Bowling League makes an appearance in their classy new shirts. Third Baris striking out!

Betsy has all her bets on speed racer #7!

Here's Lookin' at You, Kid! Don't miss Rob's pictures.


Can you hear me now?

Carrot Top says "Just Dial Straight down the center ..."

Sponge Bob plays Soprano when not under the sea. Squidward drums and Sandy Cheeks plays Mello.

Carrying Bottom Bass, Trevor plays with the big boys.

Cameo shot of Al, our very own mover and shaker, next to the "God-Damned Truck!"

The Mayor of Treasure Island takin' a cat nap in the sun. Purrrrrr.

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