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April 27, 2003 - Pro-Mark and the San Francisco Renegades sponsored the LOUD MUSIC SYMPOSIUM 4, creating a huge success on a phenomenal stage. Many musical groups, dancers and artists of sorts performed throughout the evening, amazing and sometimes stunning the audience.

Download a recording of the Renegades' performance or a recording of the massed hornline playing America the Beautiful!!!

The Event

Hornline Guru Jim McFarland, Drum Major Rachel Grunsky and Visual Esquire Dave Watrous attend the morning warmup at Site X.

Off in the distance, Drum Major Rachel Grunsky glows like an angel from above. Must be "Halloween."

Drum Majors Mistress Kelli Giles, Dave Leon, Rachel Grunsky, Sarah Horn and Sam Signorelli, is your corps ready?

Producers Greg Teal and Anne Bragstad were the managing team for the show... it went very smoothly thanks to their hard work.

Like a pair of morning DJs, Dave Leon and Veronica Nickel co-hosted the evening with continuous witty remarks.

Sunday night was a slice of heaven for me and I was moved to tears several times throughout the evening.
     --- Dan from San Francisco

The Event